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peace flags



tracey primavera

peace flags

never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world...indeed it's the only thing that ever has...
–margaret mead

rainbow peace flag provincetownpeace as a possibility is being revealed in a multitude of forms around this country...around the world during these oh-so-crazy moments in our solidarity with towns, villages and communities all over italy and their campaign "peace from every balcony" offering fluttering rainbow flags emblazoned with the words pace (pronounced pachay and meaning italian) hung by private citizens and businesses...i wanted to plant seeds of peace in this amazing community that i get to call home using the flags fluttering from our homes, shops, restaurants, guesthouses, galleries, places of worship, boats, balconies, etc...revealing to the community and to those that travel from all parts of this country and world to visit this beautiful place that we believe in non-violence as a form of resolve for conflicts within...and without

the rainbow flag has a history of serving movements from many cultures...most recently the civil rights and gay it also embraces the peace movement and the rainbow of colors suggesting the inclusion of all beings...

i began this peace adventure in may of 2006 and in this moment have given/sold 5300 peace flags with the help of local shops...meeting folks at peace vigils that i hold on summer well as traveling to peace marches and festivals

i created a calendar in 2007 with over one hundred photos of flags hanging up around provincetown and now i have a facebook page offering of peace - with photos i receive of flags hanging from all over this country and world!!!

i ask folks when they buy a peace flag to send/post on facebook and tag me a photo of their flag hanging as this can gift us the reminder of our interconnectedness!!! i realize that these are only flags but imagine when we begin to see peace around us with time what can come to fruition is a community of peace...a culture of peace...a world of peace

peace flags can be purchased for $15 plus shipping and handling order through email address and pay by check

may peace prevail on earth

tracey primavera


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